Update: 12/09/2021

Say goodbye to 2020!!!

While the global COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on us all, Game On! has managed to salvage the year by bringing 10 first class events to Jacksonville and the Treasure Coast of Florida. With your support  and strict COVID-19 Protocol in place we successfully hosted the following events:

7/19 Treasure Coast Triathlon - USAT State Championship - Jaycee Park, Fort Pierce

8/09 Ponte Vedra Beach #1 - Sprint & Olympic - Mickler's Landing, Ponte Vedra Beach

9/20 Treasure Coast Triathlon - added by demand - Jaycee Park, Fort Pierce

10/4 Palm Beaches Tri - moved to Jaycee Park - Sprint and Olympic

10/11 Ponte Vedra Beach #2 - Sprint & Olympic - Mickler's Landing, Ponte Vedra Beach

10/17 Run Singer Island Half Marathon & 10K - moved to Hutchinson Island

10/25 Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon - Lake Worth Park Beach

11/01 Riverfront Tri @ Cocoa - Sprint & International - Historic Cocoa Village

11/15  Treasure Coast Tri Half & International - FIRST ANNUAL - Jaycee Park, Fort Pierce

12/06 #FinishontheJetty - Treasure Coast Tri - Winter - Jetty Park, Fort Pierce

We are proud to announce our 2021 Calendar. We have big plans! Bringing you the 2020 "races that couldn't happen" as well as a few more!


Best Regards,

Willie Savoie and Brian Huether

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Following is a list of our race precautions for the next event (subject to further updates and additions):

Events Limited to 250 athletes:  In order to keep our athletes safe and maintain proper social distancing, we will cap the event at 250 athletes on race day.

Registration: Online only. No race day registration, cash exchanged, etc.

Packet Pick-up:  Procedures will be altered to promote physical distancing and mitigate person-to-person contact.  An outdoor, packet pick-up will take place following proper “social distancing” guidelines.

Giveaways:  Only competition-essential materials will be included inside the race package (no promo materials) while reducing packaging as much as possible.  Essentials include: T-shirt, bib/bike/helmet numbers, swim cap, and timing chip.

Timing Chips: Timing chips may be found on designated bike rack. If not disposable chips, athletes will be required to remove their own chip and place in sanitized bin near finish line.

Pre-Race Clinic:  Pre-Race Clinic will take place virtually.

Body-marking:  We will encourage self-body-marking prior to arrival and give clear instructions.

Face Coverings:  Athletes will be required to wear face coverings before and after competition.  Staff and volunteers will be required to wear face coverings throughout the entire event.

Health Screening:  All participants and volunteers will be required to fill out an electronic questionnaire regarding their overall health in the last 14 days and asked to stay home if they have any symptoms (including fever, cough, sore throat, etc.).  All attendees (staff, volunteers, athletes, spectators) will be screened upon entrance to the venue. Medical staff will be equipped with thermometers, extra face coverings and gloves. As per the CDC guidelines, if an anyone has a temperature of 100.4°F or above, they will be asked to leave and seek medical attention.

Sanitize Areas:  Areas will be sanitized prior to, and during the race.

We will promote Social Distancing: To promote physical distancing and mitigate person-to-person contact, we will have ample signage placed in key areas of venue encouraging physical distancing (i.e. markings on the ground and signage) around potentially crowded areas to encourage people to spread out. Announcements will also serve as reminders.

Hand washing and sanitizing stations:  Hand sanitizer and hand-washing stations will be available and placed throughout the venue. Additional signage will be displayed reminding everyone to use them. Announcements will also serve as a reminder to wash hands.

Increase Athlete Footprint in Transition:  Transition will be bigger. We will reduce the number of bikes per rack to 3 when possible (normally 6/rack), thereby increasing the size and space in transition.

Time Trial or Limited Wave Start:  In order to maintain social distancing, rather than the usual 30-50 athletes per wave, we will reduce the number of athletes starting at once to between 1 or 2 people at one time, every 5 seconds.

No Wet-Suit Stripping:  We will not offer wet-suit removal. If the event is “wet-suit legal”, triathletes will be required to remove their own wet-suit.

Run Aid Stations:  We will ask each athlete to bring their own water bottle for the run portion of the event. Single use water bottles will be available at aid stations along the course. Please dispose of properly.

Finish Line Tape:  Eliminating finish line tape to avoid cross-contamination.

Finish Line Fluids:  Single-use water or electrolyte drink will be handed to athletes by staff or volunteers wearing gloves/masks. Athletes will NOT be permitted to grab their own hydration.

Finisher Medals:  Medals will be wrapped in plastic and handed to each finisher by a gloved/masked volunteer or staff member. Please feel free to unwrap and wear proudly!

Timing: We are eliminating results screens but will text or email results and publish results online, post-event. Timing trailer/van will be locked, and timer will not be physically available for timing questions. We will post a number to call or text with timing questions.

Food Area: Post-race food will be pre-packaged. All staff or volunteers handling or in proximity of food will wear face coverings and gloves. There will be a designated queue line for athletes to receive their meal.

Awards Ceremony: (Subject to cancellation) Awards area will be increased to allow for a ceremony with proper social distancing protocols in mind. Awards will be given by staff member wearing mask and gloves.